Way Too Early NFL Division Predictions

In Football by Jo Anne Mabika

Off-season for sports fans is usually a very tough time.  We all miss tuning in for games and cheering on our favorite athletes.  That lull is very present for NFL fans right now. Headlines are sparse, aside from the casual injury report or contract renewal.

Looking forward to a new season, It’s always fun to try and make predictions about who will exceed expectations, who will fall short, and who will completely shock everyone.  Given last season’s records, the draft, and injuries as they stand, these are my predicted division leaders for the 2017-2018 NFL season.


  • East: NE PATRIOTS (13-3)
  • West: OAK RAIDERS (10-6)
  • North: PIT STEELERS (12-4)
  • South: IND COLTS (9-6)


  • East: NY GIANTS (9-7)
  • West: SEA SEAHAWKS (9-7)
  • North: GB PACKERS (10-6)
  • South: ATL FALCONS (10-6)

Now I know there will be disagreements and these predictions will probably end up being more wishful thinking, but I think the one team everyone can agree on is the New England Patriots.  They’re basically the football equivalent of the Golden State Warriors, you either love them or hate them, but can’t deny their greatness.

Vegas has them winning their division again, which is not much of a shocker since ESPN analytics has them as one of only two teams in the top 10 both defensively AND offensively.  The other was the Seattle Seahawks, although they seemed a bit foggy last season.  One of my teams to watch is the Atlanta Falcons.  Matt Ryan is a superstar and I wouldn’t bet against him.  I expect the Raiders to also make a splash and surprise people a bit after locking up their franchise quarterback.  The Steelers, Packers, and Giants are safe ten win teams in my book as well.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out!