SportsAsToldByAGirl Spotlight: 4 Can’t Miss Articles Written by Ladies

In Gossip by Rebecca Mills

This week’s SportsAsToldByAGirl Spotlight is going to be a little different. Instead of focusing on just one person, I’ll be looking at some recent sports stories written by women. These are ones that either resonated with me, made me smile or just ones I think are worth a read.

The first article is actually from one of our very own at SportsAsToldByAGirl. Written by Jo Anne Mabika, the article explores how sports and psychology are connected. Entitled, “Keys to Success This Season: Sports & Psychology,” the article is informative and adds another layer to sports as a whole.

It was awesome to see how she focused on five separate teams and their actions while  working towards a common goal. My favorite has to be the Cleveland Cavaliers, where she talked about how they need to define their roles if they’re going to beat the Warriors for the second time in the Finals. It’s a fun look at NBA teams and something I appreciated.

The second article was featured on Motto, a branch of Written by Mallory Edens and entitled, “The Problem With Pink Sports Jerseys,” the article discusses a subject a lot of female sports fans have to deal with. Having pink jerseys shoved at you when all you really want is to dress like everyone else.

It was something Edens learned at a young age and one a lot of female sports fans still struggle with. She attempts to get to the root of the problem of female sports fan culture and how men don’t know how to market to women so they market in the most basic way. She writes such a telling and honest piece that almost all female sports fans can relate to.

The third article up was featured on Sports Illustrated and written by Jenny Vrentas. Entitled “How the Loss of His Mother Inspired Dak Prescott to Advocate Cancer Education,” the subject is all about Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott and how he uses his platform to educate others about colon cancer and share his mother’s story to help others. The article is extremely emotional and even if you’re not a Cowboys fan, your heart aches for Prescott.

The article does mention football a few times, but the article is more so learning about Peggy Prescott’s life and how Dak keeps his promise to her. It’s such an eye-opening read and will make you look at Prescott in an entirely different way.

The last article was featured on Excelle Sports, a website just focusing on female sports. Written by Adele Jackson-Gibson, the article is perfect to read since the NYC Marathon just ended. Entitled, “How one runner went from brain tumor victim to NYC Marathon competitor in less than a year,” it’s all about Ashley Clayton’s journey after having a brain tumor removed and then how she returned to form. Her story is inspiring and worth a read because you truly become invested in what happens to her.