Really Cam Newton?

In Football by Ashleigh Binder

Just weeks after the NFL displayed the true definition of freedom and unity, one player has set the entire league back with an offhand remark that left all of us saying, really?  During his press conference with the media, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton appeared to find it funny that Charlotte Observer beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue asked him a question about one of his receivers routes.  Here is a clip showing Rodrigue asking her question which seemed to be a standard football question, but Newton seemed taken aback that a woman actually watched sports and understood them.

Not really sure what is so funny here.  If a man would have asked the same exact question, it would just be another question.  We must all be missing the humor because Newton is the only one laughing.  The Panthers quickly tried to sweep the incident under the rug by saying Newton met with Rodrigue after and apologized, however Rodrigue says that never happened.

Rodrigue is a beat writer, so why is is so funny that she understands what she is writing about?  Why is this still a subject in 2017?  Why are we still berating women who work in sports?  Women have to work so hard just to be taken seriously and given a job in the sports world.  Why would an athlete who understands having to outwork their competition feel the need to put one down?  A journalist who has been covering the team for some time so it is not like Newton did not recognize her.  The country is so divided right now that comments like this just show how much work still has to be done despite having a woman represent a major political party in the race for the presidency.

Even the NFL released a statement condemning Newton’s comments saying, “The comments are just plain wrong and disrespectful to the exceptional female reporters and all journalists.”  The NFL is just looking for good publicity, however, and Newton gave them a perfect opportunity.  Judging by the league’s response to players who are convicted of domestic violence, it is not like they have the upmost respect for women who watch the game. So good job Cam Newton for uniting women and the NFL, never thought I would see the day.