NFL Week 4: Buffalo Bills Make the Jump

In Football by Ashleigh Binder

When it comes to Week 4 of the NFL power rankings, all relevant sites have decided to move the Buffalo Bills up on their lists. Not as exactly the team you expected to make any noise this year.  Now, they reached into the top 20s and the three of the top sites have them ranked 15th out of the 32 teams, moving up 13 spots from their Week 3 ranking.  This represents the largest jump for any team.  This upset in the rankings has pushed many to rethink their Buffalo Bills odds for the next game. The team fought hard and won against a very good Denver Broncos team and will have another hard battle with Atlanta ahead of them. With it also comes a chance for the Bills to break out and maybe even reach the top 10. analyst Elliot Harrison had the same team ranked 26th during the Week 3 but decided to move them up 11 spots. In fact, Harrison believes that the team has momentum on their side needed for future wins. The previous match that pitted the Bills against the Broncos was not publicized as a big event, but it turned out to be. The Bills were missing some of their key players, but still managed to control the entire game during the second half. With two turnovers by Trevor Siemian and an effective performance by QB Tyrod Taylor, he passed for 213 yards ended up being an impressive 20 of 26, the dynamic of the team has changed.

The defense of Sean McDermott allowed other teams to score 37 points in the previous three games was now all of a sudden rock solid. The next matchup will pit the team against the Falcons and this is not going to be easy. The MMQ (Monday Morning Quarterback) kept the Bills pretty low on their list. Their 14 writers voted on the rankings and the Bills moved up but only for four spots. Now, they are ranked 22nd in their rankings in spite of the fact that two writers from the MMQ staff moved them to 17th place.  The Bills deserve some respect as they sit 2-1 and atop the AFC East division.

This is being heard loud and clear in the domain of sports betting, where the Buffalo Bills odds for the next game against the Falcons are really getting impacted by the charging Bills. Thanks to this, if the team manages to create an upset during the next week, most, if not all of these websites will have to at least consider them in their top 10. Right now, the Falcons might be the best team in the NFL, but the Bills will always have a fighting chance like it always is on any given Sunday.


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