NFL Free Agency Starts Off with a BOOM!

In Basketball by Ashleigh Binder

Teams were incredibly busy today as free agency began in the National Football League.  Once 4:00 PM EST hit, it seemed like almost every team was signing and dealing, trying to put together their dream team. Some teams made substantial trades, trying to find their difference maker, others made some head scratching moves, and others made moves that had all of say WHAT?!? at the same time!

Good Moves

Wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey has moved on from Chicago and landed in Philadelphia on a one-year deal.  Jeffrey obviously could have commanded a multi-year deal, but this is good for both sides.  He gets to prove his worth, if not for the Eagles for another team and if it does not work out, the Eagles are not stuck with a very high price tag. Most importantly, the addition will help Carson Wentz who will be entering his second full season.

Fellow wide receiver DeSean Jackson left the NFC East and is headed to the NFC South.  The speedy Jackson landed with Tampa Bay after Washington decided not to re-sign him. He joins Mike Evans who has already established himself as a number one receiver and quarterback Jameis Winston who is still looking for a consistent season.  Jackson adds a new layer to the Bucs offense that will help Evans get more single coverage.  Jackson is also able to drive defenses nuts and can burn them deep if they chose to let him get behind the safety.

One of the most underrated defensive players Micah Hyde is headed to Buffalo.  Hyde was one of the best players for Green Bay’s defense last season and surprisingly the team let him walk.

The New York Giants got rid of fan favorite Victor Cruz, but signed former Jets star Brandon Marshall.  Marshall is an excellent receiver who will hopefully help the Giants woeful offense and revitalize Eli Manning.  Manning is arguably the best quarterback Marshall has ever played with and it will be fun to watch Marshall with Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard.

Bad Moves

Some teams, like the Washington Redskins, decided to sit back and not do anything. The Redskins watched both Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson walk out and have not shown any initiative to sign a receiver.

Despite being one of the worst teams in the league, the 49ers decided to keep Brian Hoyer.  Hoyer is definitely not the answer to San Francisco’s many issues.  He is not even a temporary solution for them.  With releasing Colin Kaepernick it seems the team has to be at least considering bringing in another quarterback to at least compete with Hoyer for the job.  It does not sound like Tony Romo or Kirk Cousins are likely walking through that door.

Craziest Move

The Browns are usually never good for anything other than a good laugh and today they did not disappoint.  Adam Schefter broke the news that Cleveland had traded for QB Brock Osweiler and two draft picks for one fourth-round draft pick.  Osweiler was the talk of last free agency when the Texans outbid the Broncos for the quarterback, signing him to a four-year contract worth $72 million.  Osweiler fumbled all season, literally and figuratively, and it was clear he was not the guy for Houston.  The Browns may have finally learned from their many past mistakes and happen to agree.  The Browns are said to be trying to shop the quarterback and if no one seems interested they are expected to release him.  Cleveland has the number one pick in the draft and may decide to find their quarterback that way. Houston, on the other hand, seems interested in the soon to be released Tony Romo.