New England Patriots are Back in the Super Bowl… AGAIN! How?

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With only one day away from one of the least anticipated Super Bowls of all time, Tom Brady takes the field AGAIN. Nothing new here, just the New England Patriots more so Team Brady taking  the Super Bowl turf again.

Many of us NFL fans already figured that the Patriots would be going back to the Super Bowl, but no one really wants to see them there again. I keep saying again because this has become pretty predictable and is losing it’s excitement now. When the playoffs come around and we start seeing all these new teams grasp the opportunity to play in the AFC/NFC Championship games that leads them to the Super Bowl it is exciting, then here comes the “we already knew this was going to happen” situations, but that conversation is for another post. Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program, the New England Patriots vs. the Philidelphia Eagles and how did they get here. Many sports watcher would say they saw this coming but honestly, there were many chances for other teams to be in this position, but sometimes the cracks are too big and we fall. Let’s do a recap of the last few weeks leading up to this Super Bowl matchup.

NFL Divisional Matchups:

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: 45-42

This win obtained by the Jaguars was actually really exciting. Considering the fact that it’s been how many years since the Jaguars even had the option to be in the playoffs, this was a beautiful moment for the Jags Family.

New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings: 24-29

This loss for the New Orleans Saints was a complete upset for Saints fans especially because they had the game in the bag, but there were many mistakes that did hold the Saints back from completely having the game in the bag. A lot of it has to do with Sean Payton and his need to review plays that were completely understandable from a bird’s eye view.  Other than the negativity, the Saints have proven themselves to be an amazing team in every way especially having a lot of rookies on their team plus a few veterans and break out players. They have come so far and gave some life and put hope back to the city of New Orleans.

NFL Conference Championships:

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots: 20-24

Honestly, did we expect anything less from the NFL? See I didn’t say anything about the teams, just the NFL. I honestly believe they hand pick the teams to win everything. They allow some teams to get really far which builds anticipation and ratings and some teams they knock out in the beginning of the season.

Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles: 7-38

WOW, just WOW. Vikings, if you did not want to play then y’all should’ve just let the Saints win because that was a terrible game. The Vikings came this far just to blow it. No competition what so ever. They should be ashamed of themselves, but a congratulation is in order for the Eagles for getting those Purple People Eaters out of here. No one needs that waste of space in the Super Bowl. Anyone who just gives up a game like that does not even deserve a spot in the NFL.

Super Bowl:

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

Kind of a surprise, kind of not a surprise. The surprising part is the Eagles. Many fans of the NFC are glad they don’t have the Vikings representing them especially with that trash performance from the conference championship. Now the not so surprising is the Patriots. Come on, there is nothing to get all giddy over considering the fact that they are in the Super Bowl literally every year. What would be exciting is to see Team Tom Brady get crushed by the Eagles because who wants to see those guys win again? I feel as though IF the Patriots do win the Super Bowl this year, Tom Brady may just go into retirement. That is just my thought though.

So are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday? No? Me either. I’d rather watch golf. Well let me ask this, are you ready to see the referees give Tom Brady and the Patriots another game, another Super Bowl and another “unseen” head nod? Let us just pray that the NFL is going to play fair, pshhhh who am I kidding. Well, tune in to see the Eagles dominate the Patriots or the Patriots just walk in and walk out with a ring and a trip to Disney. They may as well join the Mickey Mouse Club.