Mike Williams Now Claims Stabbing Was an Accident

In Gossip by Ashleigh Binder

Photo Credit: Chris Zuppa/Times

Photo Credit: Chris Zuppa/Times

Just yesterday, Mike Williams was laying in a hospital in Tampa, FL after being stabbed in the thigh.  Allegedly, he and his brother Eric Baylor had gotten into a big fight and Baylor picked up a knife and stabbed the Buccaneers wide receiver.   Williams, however, is claiming that this is not the truth.

ERIC-BAYLORAfter Baylor turned himself yesterday, Williams has changed his story saying that it was an accident that occurred when the two were wrestling around. During that time, Williams said he fell on a knife that his brother was holding in his hand.

Baylor is facing charges of domestic violence and aggravated battery.  He is being held on $1,000 bond.  Williams has been released from the hospital.  The two brothers were ordered to have no contact with one another until this case is settled.  It seems hard to believe that he fell on a knife and it left a deep enough cut that he had to be hospitalized.