Katie Ledecky’s Famous Family Tree

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Photo Credit:  Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Even though the 2016 Summer Olympics have come and gone, there has still been a lot of surprising news coming out about the U.S athletes.  One athlete in particular U.S. swimmer Katie Ledecky. As all of you might know, Ledecky has broken a few world record while in the pool at Rio.  She went home with four gold medals and one silver medal for Team USA.  Not only is Ledecky probably the most lovable female swimmer at the moment, but she also has a few family members that are also respected in sports.

As some of you, hockey fans may know the New York Islanders recently had a change in ownership early this year in July.  Jon Ledecky who is the owner of the New York Islanders  also happens to be Katie Ledecky’s uncle. He was in the stands during her Olympic races and let’s just say he wasn’t hiding his excitement about the success of his niece.

Jon Ledecky recently had a phone interview with NHL Network and here is what he had to say about his niece Katie.  The questions asked to Jon was “How was is rooting for Katie?”

His response was

It was a fantastic experience. And really surreal for someone who knew Katie from the day she was born. It was a great triumph, and also wonderful to see her celebrate . After winning her third victory, she spotted us in the stands and gave us the Yes! Yes! Yes! chant (which is very famous for Islanders fans).

Jon was asked if there is a Katie Ledecky night during the hockey season. Ledecky responded by saying, “Well Katie is very sports oriented and would love to celebrate that way. She will be attending Standford this fall, so the problem will be scheduling.  I know the Islander nation fans have really come forward on social media and wanting to see that. It is a very nice gesture on their part to support new ownership.”

According to Jon, Katie is a huge hockey fan because she grew up surrounded with hockey. Jon Ledecky was a part owner of the Washington Capitals before coming to the New York Islanders, and Katie grew up watching Capitals games in the owner box which led to becoming a huge hockey fan, more specifically she grew a Capitals fan), but her alliance is to the New York Islanders now that her uncle is a part owner of the team.

For the whole interview here is the link:

Jon Ledecky talks about niece Katie