Derrick Rose Contemplating Retirement

In Basketball by Ashleigh Binder

It used to be funny to joke about Derrick Rose being injured.  Now it’s just sad and don’t think Rose has not be affected by his extensive injury history.  Unfortunately, Rose injured his ankle on October 20th in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks.  He missed four games, but was able to return only to have to be sidelined once again.

At the time, he seemed to be in good spirits telling ESPN, “”I’m just trying to figure it out, bro. Right now, it’s just a jacked-up ankle. Just sore. I’m getting a lot of treatment for it, and tonight will be my first time wearing a boot. So I’ll wear this, for I don’t know how long, to see how it helps.”

Rose has played in seven games this season for Cleveland after signing with the team as a free agent.  It looked like he would get a chance to return to superstardom with Isaiah Thomas sidelined while still recovering from hip surgery.  Sadly, the former MVP has decided to step away from basketball and contemplate what to do next.  The Cavaliers have been extremely supportive of Rose during this difficult time.

Rose first missed time when he suffered a torn ACL in a 2012 playoff game while he was with the Bulls.  He missed the entire 2012-13 season and when he made his return the following season, he suffered another devastating injury.  He suffered a torn meniscus just weeks into the season and missed the remainder of the season.  The following season, Rose suffered multiple knee injuries before he decided to undergo another knee surgery that sidelined him until the playoffs.  He was able to play in the playoffs, but the Bulls lost to the Cavaliers despite Rose hitting a game-winning buzzer beater. It was not until he was traded to the New York Knicks that Rose had to miss significant time.  This time he tore his left meniscus, previously he tore his right meniscus, and had to undergo a fourth knee injury.

Regardless if Rose does retire or not, I do not think it is fair to question his desire to want to play.  None of us can imagine the pressure he puts on himself after every injury to return stronger and faster than before.  The expectations for Rose ever since he was the youngest MVP winner have been through the roof and it must take a toll to constantly be sidelined and have everyone laughing at you.