CFB Playoff Rankings Released and Alabama isn’t No. 1???

In College Sports by Kia Little

The first set of College Football Playoff Rankings have been released and the SEC has broken another record. It is now the first conference ever to have the top two teams in the same College Football Playoff rankings release.

The Top 4 teams are No. 1 Georgia, No. 2 Alabama, No.3 Notre Dame and No.4 Clemson.

Yes, you read that right. Georgia is No. 1 and Alabama is No.2.

Alabama fans were shocked and confused along with a few other college football fans, seeing as though Alabama is No. 1 in the country and on every other college football poll.

The Tide and The Bulldogs are both undefeated and are on their way to meeting up at the SEC Title game on December 2nd in Atlanta. But for the time being, the playoff committee thinks that Georgia deserves the number one seat to the playoff.

According the ESPN analyst Booger McFarland if both teams go into the SEC championship game undefeated, that the only way both teams make the playoffs is if Alabama wins.

The committee think that Georgia’s wins have been more significant than Alabama’s. With their best win being the 20-19 thriller over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. CFP Committee chairman Kirby Hocutt explained why the Bulldogs are ahead of Alabama.

“The debate, as passionate as the discussion for teams 3 through 7 was, was even more passionate for teams 1 and 2,” Hocutt said. “It was the two wins against top-25 CFP teams and, of course, the win over No. 3 Notre Dame that gave Georgia the slight edge this week.”

Hocutt points out that the Tide has no wins over any ranked teams while the Bulldogs have beaten Mississippi State and Notre Dame.

With the Tide’s current resume, it is believed that if they lose to Georgia, they will not make the playoffs. Only time will tell and anything can happen, especially in college football.