The Baseball World Mourns Roy Halladay

In Baseball by Ashleigh Binder

Yesterday the sports world learned about the tragic passing of pitching legend Roy Halladay.  Halladay, who pitched for both the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies, was killed in a plane crush.  It was a private plane that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico while he was allegedly doing tricks, according to TMZ.  He was the only one in the plane during the crash.

Halladay was one of the most well-liked and at the same time most feared pitchers in the early 2000s.  He won two Cy Young awards and pitched an incredibly memorable no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds in the National League Division Series.  Yankees legend Derek Jeter said Halladay was the toughest pitcher he ever faced in his career.  His loss is being felt all over the baseball community from former teammates to current players who grew up idolizing Halladay’s intense preparation and desire for every pitch to be perfect.