Athletes Step In to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

In Off The Field by Ashleigh Binder

Everyone is absolutely devastated by the images of Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit just a few days ago.  People walking in waist-deep water or sitting on roofs waiting for countless hours to be rescued are just some of the heartbreaking images, however, there have also been some inspiring moments of people helping each other in a time when this country has been incredibly divided.  Volunteers and emergency services have all headed to Texas to help those stranded get out of their houses as well as provide supplies for all those displaced.

Athletes, as they usually do, have taken on a leadership role in trying to raise money for those affected.  Houston Texans superstar defensive end JJ Watt specifically has been working extra hard on trying to raise money for the city he now calls home.  His initial goal was to raise $1 million, but he has already raised $4 million and is now calling for  a new goal of $5 million.  It should come as no surprise as Watt is always active in the Houston community.

Other athletes, including Texas-based Ezekiel Elliot. have also stepped in to raise money for the victims.   Teams have also decided to step in and help efforts to rebuild Houston.

In a further effort to help Hurricane Harvey victims, the Texans and Cowboys announced that all proceeds from their game on Thursday will be donated to United Way of Greater Houston Relief Fund. All tickets will be $25 after the game was forced to be moved to AT&T Stadium.