Adam Jones Receives Standing Ovation at Fenway

In Baseball by Ashleigh Binder

After one of the ugliest nights in recent baseball memory, Boston made sure to do its best to show that it’s city is filled with love.  During yesterday’s Red Sox-Orioles game, Baltimore centerfielder Adam Jones was taunted by Boston fans, some even going as low as calling him the n-word and one fan throwing a bag of peanuts at the centerfielder.  Fenway Park security ejected 34 fans for their disgusting behavior.

After the game, Jones spoke with USA Today’s Bob Nightengale about the fans’ behavior and he said, “It’s different.  Very unfortunate. I heard there was 59 or 60 ejections tonight in the ballpark. It is what it is, right. I just go out and play baseball. It’s unfortunate that people need to resort to those type of epithets to degrade another human being. I’m trying to make a living for myself and for my family.”  He said it was one of the “worst cases of fan abuse” that he has ever witnessed.

When asked specifically about the fan who threw a bag of peanuts at him, he responded, “It’s pathetic. It’s called a coward. What they need to do is that instead of kicking them out of the stadium, they need to fine them 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand. Something that really hurts somebody. Make them pay in full. And if they don’t, take it out of their check.”

The team issues Jones a personal apology as well as Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh who said the people of Boston are “better than this”.  MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred also issued a statement this morning about the incident calling it “completely unacceptable” and saying it will not be tolerated.  Red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts also showed his support for Jones.

The Orioles are still in town to play the Red Sox tonight.  During Jone’s first at-bat in the second inning, he was greeted by Boston fans with a standing ovation.  Boston starting pitcher Chris Sale even stepped off the mound to allow Adam Jones to talk in the moment fully.  While this issue that is so much greater than baseball brought these two teams together for a moment, the next batter, Manny Machado learned that the love was short-lived when Sale threw behind him.